For Customers

The App Marketplace is a one-stop shop for customers to explore, discover, and purchase applications and tools that help extend the functionality of their SumTotal solution.

Create an account to get unfiltered access to all available app information. Sign in and explore the different apps. Find an app you like? Click the “More Info” to review the details of the app, which includes installation procedures, pricing and contact information.

Customers can discover technical applications that are built to integrate seamlessly with SumTotal. They can find these solutions in an easily accessible, central place and can deploy with just a few clicks.

  • Apps are small pieces of code that your administrator can install into your SumTotal platform to enhance or change its functionality. Apps can also be remotely contained web applications that integrate into your SumTotal platform.
  • The App Marketplace includes apps written by both SumTotal and third-party developers.
  • BYOL stands for Bring Your Own License.
  • Although SumTotal provides Out-of-the-Box support for BYOL apps, you still need to have a license from the vendor to be able to integrate with them.

SumTotal makes a diligent effort to vet partners before authorizing their placement of apps on the App Marketplace. Should you find any apps that do not reflect our high standards, please contact us immediately so we can take action. Email us at

While SumTotal vets third-party app developers before adding their solutions to the App Marketplace, due diligence is required on your part to ensure that an app solution is appropriate for your organization. Here are some suggested steps you can take:

  • Check to see if app rating is available.
  • Connect with your Customer Success manager.
  • Review screenshots and videos from the Overview tab.
  • Check the number of active installations to assess the popularity of an app.
  • See if compatibility is up to date by reviewing the available versions on the right-hand side of the App overview page.

Ask questions about the app in the SumTotal Customer Community

Everyone with an account has access to the App Marketplace. However, requesting app installation is limited to your organization’s designated administrator contacts.

Contact the app author directly for usage and troubleshooting of any app you download (Free, Paid, or BYOL) from the App Marketplace. Each app shows the app author’s support contact information under the Contact Info tab.

Contact the app author. You can click the “More Info” button on the app and click the “Contact Info” tab to see the app author’s contact information.

For App Authors

The App Marketplace is a one-stop shop for customers to explore, discover, and purchase applications and tools that help extend the functionality of their SumTotal solution.

There are several ways to partners with SumTotal:

  • Reseller partners: Provide value by reselling SumTotal offerings.
  • Marketplace partners: List your app on the App Marketplace.
  • System Integrator partners: help translate the SumTotal platform into a working solution for customers and help them integrate it with their existing systems.

You can learn more about becoming a SumTotal partner here. (You may enter the following link in your browser:

  • It is a great avenue to promote and sell solutions to our customers expanding your customer base – you gain access to global markets and SumTotal’s network of customers.
  • It’s a great way to expand brand reach.
  • It’s a new revenue stream for you through app fees.

Apply to SumTotal by completing and submitting this form. You can also send an email to our App Marketplace team at