Welcome to the Sumtotal Organizational Maturity Index

Congratulations on choosing our robust diagnostic tool to help clarify the maturity level of your organization’s current learning, talent, and workforce strategy, and how to then accelerate your maturity.

We developed the SumTotal Organizational Maturity Index based on input from our 6,700+ customers and our 35+ years of experience as an HR software vendor. Our research reveals that “mature organizations” are more resilient, able to anticipate and adapt to changes more rapidly.

The SumTotal Organizational Maturity Index will gauge your organization’s current maturity level across nine critical indicators of maturity success and five overarching stages of organizational maturity. At the end of the diagnostic, you will receive a unique report with your current maturity results as well as specific prescriptions for how to advance to the next stage of organizational maturity.

Whether you’re taking this diagnostic solo or in a group, we suggest setting aside a minimum of 20 minutes to focus on the assessment. You will be asked nine questions (one per indicator) and provided with six detailed responses for each question. You will then choose the response that best describes your organization at present.

Let’s start assessing your organizational maturity!